Reports and Other Resources

Reports and Other Resources

Two New Reports Detail Pandemic’s Effect on Housing Needs Nationwide and in Florida

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and the Florida Housing Coalition released independent reports that tell a consistent story—the national housing crisis and Florida’s housing crisis have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic — induced by a loss of employment and an unusually high priced housing market for both homeownership and rentals. According to both The Gap Report: A Shortage of Affordable Homes and the Florida Housing Coalition’s 2021 Home Matters Report, many low-income households were already struggling to afford their rent even before COVID-19 devastated so many throughout the state.

Florida needs to increase the supply of affordable rentals and homeownership now more than ever.  Low-income renters find themselves in a game of musical chairs for a limited number of affordable units. NLIHC’s report states that even if an extremely low-income (ELI) renter could afford a home, there’s a significant shortage with just 37 affordable and available rental homes for every 100 ELI renter households nationwide. In Florida, according to the Home Matters Report, there are only 25 available units for every 100 extremely low income renters who need it.

The Home Matters Report provides the facts and numbers that help Florida to recover- using all the Sadowski Housing Trust Funds for Housing. In just this year, full appropriation of the Housing Trust Fund will create over $4.9 billion in positive economic benefit, close to 33,000 jobs, a 40% return on investment in revenue generated, and over 19,000 homes rehabilitated or built.

According to Florida Housing Coalition, CEO, Jaimie Ross, “the robust real estate market means the revenue coming to the state is up, coupled with the massive infusion of billions of dollars from the American Rescue Act passed last week which can be used to plug holes in state and local budgets, the Florida Legislature has the pressure of a budget deficit completely lifted.  We can and should use all the Sadowski Housing Trust funds solely for Florida’s housing programs.”  

Housing Market Study & Needs Assessment

The Housing Leadership Council is dedicated to providing up-to-date information and research on housing. We are currently updating our Housing Needs Assessment and Municipal Profiles for Palm Beach County. A previous Employer Survey showed that a majority of Palm Beach County employers recognized the need for workforce housing in order to retain and attract quality employees. This Employer Survey is also being updated. The previous grants can be accessed here:

Click here for a copy of the 2007 PBC Housing Market Update and Needs Assessment

Click here for a copy of the Palm Beach County Municipal Profiles

Click here for the Employer Survey

PBC Home Matters Report

Presented by Florida Housing Coalition and Generously Sponsored by PNC Bank

The Housing Leadership Council is pleased to present the Home Matters Palm Beach County housing study. This report gives a detailed overview of our housing situation for both rental and for sale units. One of the most startling findings was the tremendous cost burden our residents are facing with housing costs.

Click here for PBC Home Matters Report.

Rental Housing Study

Rental housing is critical to meeting the needs of our workforce. In 2007 and 2012 in conjunction with The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, a Rental Housing Study was completed which highlights the severe shortage of affordable rental housing in our community.

Click here for a copy of the Rental Housing Study-2013

Click here for a copy of the Rental Housing Study-2008

Regional Housing Study & Plans

Broward County Affordable Housing Need Assessment:

The 2018 Broward County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment provides a current market perspective on the key demand and supply factors impacting the production and availability of affordable housing in Broward County.

Click here to access the study.

City of Miami Housing Master Plan

The Affordable Housing Master Plan is crucial to the City’s future — creating opportunity for City residents and re-developing communities suffering from persistent poverty, underinvestment, and rapid gentrification.

Click here for the Master Plan.

Village of Wellington

Click here for the Village of Wellington Housing Impact Study

Click here for the Village of Wellington Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan