Housing Leadership Council Board of Directors-Kelly Smallridge

Kelly L. Smallridge is President and CEO of Palm Beach County’s public/private economic development agency, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County (BDB) where she has worked for 34 years.

She serves as the longest tenured economic development President in the State of Florida and has a solid track record in facilitating some of the largest job creation projects for Palm Beach County.

In 2013, Governor Rick Scott awarded Kelly with the Governor’s Ambassador Medal recognizing her hard work in creating jobs in Palm Beach County. In March of 2022, she was inducted into the University of Florida’s Academy of Golden Gators.

Kelly oversees all operations of the Business Development Board which is one of only five Accredited Economic Development Boards in the State of Florida. In 2004, she became the first female President of a South Florida economic development board after serving in many different capacities within the organization including the lead role for the Recruitment, Retention and Expansion from 1988-2004.

In addition, she serves on the following boards: Southern Economic Development Council, International Economic Development Council, South Florida Fair, the Homeless Coalition, and The Education Foundation.