State Public Policy Resource Websites


Non-profit Housing Advocates Network

This program is run through Florida Housing Coalition and meet via conference call every two weeks during session – it is a great way to keep up.  Any non-profit can join and participate in the calls.  The website link for more information and to join is


Florida Senate Bill Tracker

This website can keep you up to date with bills in the Florida Senate.   You can track any bill and it will give you updates (you choose the frequency) whenever any action is taken on the bill (referred to committee, amended, voted on, etc.).  The website link to sign-up and login is at


Florida Senate Session Information Page

This is another page on the Senate website which gives all the information needed on the session (how to search bills, the calendar, journal of bill activity, etc).  The link to that website page is at



Florida Sunshine News

An online publication that covers state news:


Housing Wire RSS

An online RSS  to get up-to-date housing information and news  – you can subscribe at








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